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Why Our Clinic?


More than 48 million Americans have significant hearing loss.  Hearing loss can be a gradual developing disorder that can affect people of all ages.  Hearing loss is a major public health issue that is the 3rd most common physical condition only after arthritis and heart disease.

There are a few types of hearing loss (conductive hearing loss, sensorineural hearing loss, mixed hearing loss).  Your time with Dr. Powell is to determine the type of hearing loss that is present. Once the type of hearing loss is diagnosed, the appropriate recommendations are provided.  There are times when a patient will need to be referred to a physician for a treatable hearing loss.  If it is found the you have a sensorineural hearing loss, Dr. Powell will discuss intervention option to manage the difficulties related to hearing loss.

A complete evaluation is needed to determine the best intervention program.  Frisco Hearing & Tinnitus Associates offers comprehensive audiological and hearing services at its location.  A list of services include:


  • Diagnostic audiometry and hearing assessment

  • Tinnitus evaluation
  • Impedance testing for middle ear function (tympanometry and acoustic reflexes)
  • Otoacoustic emissions (OAE) evaluations
  • Auditory processing evaluations



  • Cerumen management
  • Tinnitus treatment
  • Clinical counselling
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Hearing aid fitting, service, and repairs
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Hearing conservation program supervision
  • Custom ear mold
  • Hearing protectors
  • Auditory processing training/ LACE training
  • Cognitive therapy
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