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The Tinnitus Program

Developing Individualized Care

Your time commitment will vary depending on the progression through stages of your interventions, but your commitment is required throughout your entire intervention.

Dr. Powell will speak with you for approximately 15 minutes via telephone to receive pertinent identifying information, symptoms and discuss the overview of the intervention course. Dr. Powell will determine if North Texas Tinnitus Associates will be an appropriate course of action for each individual patient. Patient forms and subjective assessments will be sent out prior to each evaluation and is strongly recommended to be returned at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


A Dynamic Plan for Your Journey to Success

  • Day of Evaluation: Dr. Powell does ask that patients arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please expect to be in your appointment for 2-3 hours. During this time, a thorough audiological and tinnitus assessment will be completed. Dr. Powell will review and discuss objective result and subjective assessments. Intervention and tinnitus management recommendations will be determined at that time. 
  • Day of Treatment: North Texas Tinnitus Associates believes that the most effective methods for intervention for tinnitus include a combination of behavioral therapy and sound therapy.This is the beginning of your journey of managing your tinnitus. The patient will have an in-depth session examining what tinnitus is, how your brain responds to your tinnitus, but more importantly, we will discuss how we will work to re-train your brain to interpret and respond to your tinnitus. The sound therapy equipment will be introduced to the patient. If you are already wearing a combination instrument, we will work with your current audiologist to incorporate it as a part of your behavioral therapy.  Intervention timeline will be reviewed, but each individual will process through intervention at different rates.
  • Follow-up Appointments: Intervention for tinnitus is 6- 12 months in length. Follow up appointments will be a mixture of in office and video conferencing appointments. 


Flexible for Your Needs

In order for intervention to be successful, it must be an individualized plan selected on a patient by patient basis.  We understand that your or family member’s life and schedule can be crazy. For that reason, late afternoon, evening and weekend appointments are available.  

The use of modern technology allows for greater engagement throughout the entire intervention course. With the introduction of telehealth, North Texas Tinnitus Associates is able to serve more patients without regards for the limitations of distance or transportation concerns.


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